Our Founding Fathers

Chairman and members of the Board of Trustees

Chairman and members of the NAC

Skul Council members

Esteemed Norsemen

Let me begin by first thanking God for making our passage to Treasure MP safe. I also have the presence of mind to pray and ask that God be at the centre of all we have done here and importantly too, He will guide our sails back to our respective points of anchor, when our stay here is done.

I welcome all of us who found time despite our busy schedules to be here today. You are indeed the great sons of your fathers and I am proud to have you as my brothers. For like I always tell those close to me, I may not be perfect but I am the proudest of all Norsemen to have you guys as my brothers.

Let me express my profound appreciation to my dear friend and brother, the Sailing Skipper of Treasure MP, Mr Teddy Awala, Chairman of the Elder’s Council, TMP, who is also the Chairman, LOC, Chief Livingstone Abani and other TMP Norsemen for their warm hospitality to me since our arrival here.

This Mini-Converge holding in the historic city of Accra, no doubt, promises to draw attention to the essential ingredients that would help to deepen the friendship, refresh the ideals and strengthen the brotherhood in the membership of De Norsemen Kclub International. I therefore urge Norsemen present in this Converge to reflect on the core values that promotes the spirit of brotherhood among members.

The theme of this Converge “GLOBALIZATION: THE NIGERIA-GHANA PARTNERSHIP” is very apt. Nigeria-Ghana relations dated from colonial time with relations rooted in their history as colonies of the same British colonial power.

The two countries shared similar interests as at the time of independence of Ghana in March, 1957 having inherited from the British government a common official language, common legal, administrative and educational systems.

These partnerships assist in boosting trade, economic growth and cultural integration within the sub-region. Let us equally note that such collaborations were part of the vision of the founding-fathers of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) when the regional body was established about four decades ago.

On our part, De Norsemen Kclub Inc will continue to encourage its members in Ghana to promote trade, business and cultural partnership with their Ghanaian counterparts.

The membership of our organization has grown over the years to spread across the world with members promoting the motto of the organization “Service to Humanity”. It is therefore important that members use this Converge to promote business, trade, culture, tourism and others aspects of our brotherhood between the two countries.

I urge us all to key into the theme of this Convention and promote partnership between Nigeria and Ghana.

The mission of our current administration which is anchored on our mantra NEXT LEVEL is being pursued vigorously and successfully. I am delighted to inform you all that with the overwhelming goodwill this administration is currently enjoying, we have recorded so many “firsts” in DNKI as follows:

a.    First ever hosting of retreat for Skull Council members.

b.    First time 90% online accreditation has been recorded

c.    First Mini Converge outside Nigeria in Treasure MP

d.    First time a Loan Welfare Scheme has become operational with over N1million in credit balance.

e.    First time the credit balance of DNKI main account has exceeded N1million within 3 months of a new regime.

f.     First patent of our LOGO.

g.    Initiation of a tenders board to process all procurements.

h.    Creation of an accreditation bank account.

i.     We are in the process of establishing new Patrols in Bangladesh, Bangkok, Hong kong, Indonesia and Philippines.

j.     Publication on five major Newspapers in the month of February.

k.    Regular publication of burning issues on social media.

l.     Effectively responded to vilifying and slandering publications against the operating system of the organisation.

m.  First unveiling of Converge Logo in DNKI.

n.    We are in pursuit of making the National Mandate a Political party and INEC Election Observer

o.    Galvanizing support to deliver a Norseman as the NANS President.

p.    The Ogun State Chapter came on-stream on April 7th 2018 as Treasure Gate MP. Dagama MP (Brazil), Bangolina (India), Indiana MP, Vatican MP (Italy) were also established.

q.    Inspection of kwara state and Ondo State with a view to bringing them on-stream when Norsical standards are met.

r.     Brought back some Norsemen to re anchor the ship.

s.    Inauguration of Belcentra MP (Belgium).

t.     Harmonize Norsemen in Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark in readiness for full Sailing.

u.    We have conducted many humanitarian works in several Patrols.

v.    On boarding of sponsors for TMP Converge.

w.   Initiated conversation with several NGO’s on possible partnership on several key activities of DNKI.

x.    2018 DNKI raffle scheme implementation plan.

y.    Organize workshops/Training on banging and yoo sessions for Patrols.

z.    Encourage Patrols on the need to have their own SALLY team as well as strengthen existing once in whatever capacity they are lacking.

I am delighted to report that we have made significant progress in resolving issues in some Patrols such as Sea Eagle MP and Hartalina MP. The imbroglio in Malayina MP has been settled.

I am delighted to report that the Northern Patrols Committee has been able to revive Tantakola MP (Plateau) and Kadaz MP (Kaduna). On a sad note, we lost 5 members this year in SEMP, Tantakola MP, Catalina, Saratoga MP and Salt MP and as part of our welfare scheme, the Kclub provided burial assistance to the families of our bereaved brothers.

This NEXT LEVEL Skull Council successfully funded this Mini-Converge without using funds from our normal kclub account. All funds for the Converge was from members sponsorship, accreditation fee etc

Let me state that we have faced the challenge of poor funding as well as elders inciting Norsemen against the leadership and encouraging unconstitutional acts. I believe that with time, all Norsemen will abide by the provisions of our Constitution when finally amended.

The Skull Council has other new ideas, programmes and initiatives that it will pursue in its efforts to re-position DNKI. However, we need the co-operation of all Norsemen in delivering these programmes.

The modest achievements which we have recorded within these past few months have only been made possible by you, your commitment, dedication and diligence.

What General can beat his chest and say he is successful if he cannot marshal troops? We have provided motivation that you have rewarded with your followership. I am indeed exceedingly grateful to you all especially my Principal Officers, Sailing Skippers and Directors.

I wish to assure this August audience that this NEXT LEVEL Skull Council is determined to continue  with the positive transformation initiative, to the best of our ability, and within the limits of available resources, so as to fast-track the development of De Norsemen Kclub Inc to the required World Class standard, in the shortest possible time.

Thank you and God Bless

Dr Adeshola Giwa

International President/Chairman, Salyn Council


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