On this auspicious and sacrosanct occasion of the celebration of Eid el Kabir, the festival of sacrifice, I call on Nigerians of all faith and
tribe to embrace peace, tolerance and sacrifice in our bid to build a very strong, united and virile nation.

Nigeria is great nation instituted by God. To this effect, we as citizens must work at all times to uphold her greatness. I call on all citizens to have faith in God and uphold the spirit of obedience and sacrifice like Ibrahim whose submission to the will of the almighty Allah, we are celebrating today.

Our diversity should be an advantage of strength. Though every nation has her own peculiar challenges, we should draw inspiration from USA, who had seen lot of Gun related violence and shooting lately and they have been able to convert their differences into workable strengths. We should play up the strengths in diversity and play down the weaknesses.

De Norsemen Kclub International which is actively operational in over twenty-six states of the federation and thirty countries of the world, believes and works for the peace, unity and progress of Nigeria. Besides, as an international humanitarian organization, working assiduously for the upliftment of humanity, we discourage in totality anything that is divisive and capable of creating humanitarian challenges in Nigeria. On this note, therefore, we call on all institutions and organs of government as well as religious organizations to rise up to the challenges of eradicating all forms acrimony, religious rivalry and intolerance.

In the spirit of this holy celebration, De Norsemen Kclub International condemns every form of ethnic profiling and campaign of violence in the body polity of our dear country. We also call on the security agencies to build a workable synergy that can end every form of insecurity and crime in Nigeria.

As we celebrate with our families and loved ones, we should not forget the deprived, the vulnerable and the less privileged people in our midst. We must show them love in this celebration and always.

Barka da Sallah!

Chief Dr Adeshola Giwa
International President
De Norsemen Kclub International.

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