The philosophy of De Norsemen Kclub is embedded basically in its commitment to the fight against injustice which the less privileged usually suffer in the society. Norsemen believe in God, the brotherhood of man, love and of course justice. Its motto is ‘Duty is Duty’ better expressed as ‘Service to Humanity’ for better understanding by the general public. Its motto (Service to Humanity) is serving as the watchword for Norsemen in protecting the less privileged against the injustice of any sort. Its purpose is to unite all people despite their tribes, tongue, religion and contribute towards the development of man in the society. It specifically aims to:

  1. assist/encourage the underprivileged and vulnerable in the society
  2. engage in activities that will promote and encourage responsible national development.
  3. initiate/participate in programmes and activities organized by government and other agencies to support the development of young people, underprivileged and the oppressed, etc.
  4. organize programmes that will enhance societal awareness on the plight of young people
  5. co-operate with other organizations with similar aims in reinforcing its own aims.