Ablest navigators,
It is another glorious day, a day that echoes from the mountains and the hills. A day the deserts, forests, the rivers and the seas stand in most dignified obeisance. We have come to the day the world will know that the bearers of the freshest soothing oil of humanity have come to stay. We have come that day, our day, De Norsemen Day, the day of undiluted love and overreaching Service to Humanity . Welcome to 15th October, 2019 , the day we embalm humanity with unimaginable compassion.

The unique and very rich story of De Norsemen Kclub International can only be told by us, Norsemen . Our shared values and sacred tradition are indisputable elements of our chronology. Our existence, attributable to the great vision of three young men, whom we venerate as the three wise men has spiced up creation and proved that humanity needed the cloth of Charity , Love , Justice , Equality and Fraternity . At that Priince Belema George, Dr Sovens Okari and Dr Sam Gambo knew that the only thing that can bind the society together and usher in peace, love and comfort to humanity is selfless service and charity. They out set to accomplish it without looking back. Today, from that mini tempo, we have a blossoming world-class humanitarian organization, with a creed, ” Service to Humanity .”

October 15th every year is designated as De Norsemen Day worldwide. It is a day that is sacrosanct in the history of our Kclub . It is a day we signpost our calling as men living for humanity. Today, we reflect, renew and reinvigorate our pact with humanity. Though we are saddened with the spate of abandonment humanity has suffered in the hands of those who should care and uplift them, we are not discouraged but confident that with our interventions, the dignity of humanity will be restored. Our calling is to institutionalize service to humanity and to mainstream it as a pattern of life in our daily activities. Today, we must lift people and identify with the oppressed and the neglected. We must rekindle the fire of life and make meaningful impact on the downtrodden. Today, the despondent must be assured of the brightest of all day. While we are carrying out our acts of charity our voices must echo from the heavens and the farthest of the earth so that the oppressors, the traducers and the troublers of humanity will know that their end has come. This is the echo of De Norsemen Kclub International on this sacred day and we have come to stay, for the storms of the high sea make the sail smoother.

The humanitarian activities of De Norsemen Kclub International is reverberating across the world. From Africa to America, Europe to Middle East, Asia to Australia, our impact is felt. The Almighty God in heaven is pleased with us in what we are doing for humanity. We have donated equipment and medicals to hospitals in Malaysia. We have provided foods clothings for the destitutes in America. We have provided foods, clothings and other consumables to countless orphanages across the globe. Our dear Kclub has settled hospital bills of patients, donated blood to numerous blood banks and released prisoners by paying their fines and legal fees. We have supported education and put smiles on the faces of pupils by providing them with books, writing materials, school bags and lunch boxes. We have interfaced with IDPs and supplied them materials for comfort. We have held seminars to deepen democracy and good governance, promote conflict resolution and crisis management as well as economic prosperity. We have empowered people with non-interest loans to promote investment and business development. Understanding that security is everybody’s business, we have also partnered with security agencies in providing support for free flow of traffic through the erection of traffic stands on the roads. A gladdening thing about the charity work of the Kclub is that members willingly and gladly attune themselves to it. De Norsemen Kclub International is not funded or supported by any group or organization. Her members task themselves, not minding the paucity of resources to enliven the lifeless. It is certain that the prayers and blessings rendered by the beneficiaries of these milks of human kindness will leave God’s doors of prosperity and abundance open for us.

In our service to humanity, we remain unconquerable and undaunted. The fire in us is unquenchable as we glow brighter than the morning sun and the stars of heaven. Even the Hades and the raging stormy oceans and rough seas cannot hinder us. Every act of charity is worthwhile and impeccable. On this note, I urge us to reset our humanitarian compass to point more to tangible things that can stand the test of time so that our invaluable selfless service will be institutionalized and made generational monuments. While we provide fish for the hungry, let us remember to teach them how to fish and make sure that the fishing waters are not polluted. We should focus our attention on development, democratic and correctional institutions like schools, hospitals, prisons ekcectera. We should also step up advocacy and collaboration with the judiciary, electoral bodies, law enforcement institutions, anti-corruption agencies the legislature and other interest groups to create a just and fair society with infinitesimal humanitarian challenges.

On this special day, I applaud the Founding Fathers on whose wisdom and introspect this humanitarian platform was created. I also commend the tenacity of the members of the BOT who are always there to do their part. I recognize the support and consistency our Past Leaders for keeping aglow the service tenets of our noble organization. I thank all the committed members of NEC, NAC,PEC, PAC and all the leaders at every stratum of the organization for their invaluable support and unparalleled dedication to duty to see greater and better organization that humanity can be proud of. I appreciate all SOBs and great Norsemen all over the shores of the globe for your loyalty, dedication, support and commitment to the Norsemen course, which is to live for humanity.

As a global entity, our challenges are transient while our strengths are permanent. We shall not fret to sleep, for we accept challenges because they make us stronger and thicker. As victorious kings, we shall not look back and worry at the distractions of the enemies of man, rather we shall remain focused and overrun our detractors and break new grounds, for the higher we go, the lower they drop. To serve humanity is our ordination and we shall not rest until the world becomes a place without the dehumanized, the oppressed, the despised, the depressed and the deprived.

God bless you all!
God bless De Norsemen Kclub!
God bless humanity!

Chief (Dr) Adeshola Giwa
International President, De Norsemen Kclub International

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