As Nigeria marks her 59th independence anniversary, De Norsemen Kclub International uses this historic occasion to call on all citizens at all levels to live aboveboard and put Nigeria first in all their activities, bearing in mind that no nation attains greatness without the hard work and commitment of the citizens, who are either leaders or followers.

At 59, our country has attained the age of maturity. It is, therefore, inexcusable to justify our challenges, revel in rationalization and think that we are still young to stand on our own and manage our affairs as a virile and progressive nation. It is also unacceptable to compare ourselves with other countries that are of the same age, who may not be doing well in their growth and development.

After a holistic appraisal of the journey so far, De Norsemen Kclub International is convinced that we can have a better, united and wealthy country where the prosperity of the citizens, security of lives and property, as well as love for one another will be celebrated in high crescendo. We believe in the capability of the citizens of our dear country to uplift their country, noting the exploits they are doing in building other countries.

It is vital to point out that no nation attains greatness without good and visionary leadership. It is also important that leaders at all tiers of government should see themselves as people called to the service of fatherland. Hence, every form of selfishness, sabotage, unpatriotism, poor attitude to work, clannishness, nepotism, tribalism, bribery and corruption must be thrown overboard for us to have the country of our dream.

We call for the full entrenchment of democracy with its sacred principles of rule of law, independent judiciary, constitutionalism, respect for fundamental human rights, good governance and free and election. These are the precepts upon which modern and progressive nations are founded and ours will not be an exception.

As we mark our independence anniversary, there must be adequate security of lives and property in our land as no nation attains greatness when crimes and criminals rule while industrious and law-abiding citizens live in fear. De Norsemen Kclub International understands that there is no society without crime but we know that crimes can be curtailed to its barest minimum. To this effect, we call on the security agencies to change tactics and think modern in the fight against crimes. The only way the security agencies can arrest heinous crimes like terrorism, kidnapping, violent attacks and armed robbery is to remain focused, avoid collusion, motivate operatives and embrace modern technology in crime fighting.

As a nonpartisan, non-profit and nonreligious International humanitarian organization committed to service to humanity, promotion of democracy and good governance, we stand with the citizens and will do and support anything to achieve prosperity, peace, unity, love and lift them above poverty.

On behalf of all Norsemen worldwide, I wish Nigeria and Nigerians happy 59th independence anniversary. We have every responsibility to build and celebrate our country.

God bless Nigeria!

Chief Dr Adeshola Giwa
International President
De Norsemen Kclub International

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