Right from the origin of man, all strata of society had not been completely free from having the less privileged that needed help. This informed the idea behind the birth of De Norsemen Kclub in the early eighties (80s) in Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State in Nigeria. The name “De Norsemen Kclub” was informed by the features of bravery and courage that were intended to characterize the struggle for equality of everybody in the society with “service to humanity” as the watchword and this was seen in some “sailors” that reigned in the 8th-11th century in the Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden called Norsemen.

As an infant organization, De Norsemen Kclub had its own fair share of teething problems, but with resilience and focus, they were surmounted. It operated only within the shores of Rivers State until at about the mid-80s, when the issue of giving the organization a national outlook became a discourse within the ranks of its leadership. Thus, it was taken to places outside Rivers State like Cross River, Abia states, just to mention a few. At about the early nineties (90s), its membership had expanded significantly, and reasonable number of its members can be found in virtually all states of Nigeria and beyond where they were still practicing the ideals of the organization. This of course was not without a simultaneous increase in their tasks to the society they found themselves which its leadership thought can be effectively achieved as a corporate entity. Consequent upon this, an application to get it registered with the government was done and this culminated into the incorporation of De Norsemen Kclub with the Nigerian government in 1993 with the organization organized into a Board of Trustees (BOT), National Executive Council (NEC), Chapters at the state levels and each chapter having an Elders’ Council (Patrol Advisory Council). De Norsemen Kclub operated on this structure until in 2005 when a Stakeholders’ Meeting was called in Port Harcourt and part of its major resolutions was the formation of the Supreme Norsemen Council (SNC) now refer to as National Advisory Council (NAC) to act under an advisory capacity to the NEC.

In 1999, Nigeria went into another round of democratic dispensation, and elections into positions of authority naturally became part of the system since then. This was not without all forms of political thuggery, violence, intimidation, malpractice, oppression and their likes. De Norsemen Kclub in their bid to ensure that elections in the country are free, fair and credible so that political leaders will be elected into offices based on merit, set up the “National Mandate” to serve as watchdogs during elections in 2010.

In 2012, the need to put up a structure that will serve as an electoral college in the elections of members of the NEC (which as at this 2012 had already expanded into an international status) of the organization and also the BOT when the need arises prompted the inauguration of a Sailyn Council (SC) that is made up of the Founding Fathers, BOT, NEC, NAC and all patrol Guv’nors with the authority to elect the NEC and BOT as at when due. It is a very obvious fact that prisons across the length and breadth of Nigeria are congested. Some of the inmates are innocent, but because of the slow pace of dispensation of justice in the country, they are unfortunately trapped in these prisons waiting for justice to prevail on them someday and this has contributed to the ugly situation of congestion in these prisons. In realization of this fact, De Norsemen Kclub in 2013, brought together a team of very vibrant lawyers and some other professionals to form what it called “Project K9” which mandate was to go around Nigerian prisons and ensure that innocent inmates that are victims of the slow dispensation of justice are legitimately freed, thus decongesting Nigerian prisons.

Right from its inception, De Norsemen Kclub have organized a number of both local and international converges (conventions) in major towns and cities in Nigeria and abroad in which major decisions and policies that positively affect the organization to be specific and the society at large have been decided and subsequently implemented. These converges had provided De Norsemen Kclub the opportunity to be of service to humanity to the society as they had laid the platform where issues of security, health, socialization, politics, economy, etc. had been discussed and implemented at the different societies where Norsemen exist.