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De Norsemen Kclub International congratulates all Muslim faithfuls, Ulamas and leaders all over the world on the successful completion of 2020 Ramadan fast and sacrifice to the Almighty Allah, the most beneficient and most compassionate.

It is a known fact that this year’s Ramadan was observed in a most unusual way which has not been seen by millions of faithfuls as a result of COVID-19 pandemic that has disabled global configuration. We felt the pains but we are consoled that Almighty Allah who is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, hears and answers prayers from anywhere and everywhere.

De Norsemen Kclub International appreciates and identifies with all Muslim leaders across the world who ensured that Muslims abided by the directives of experts during the Ramadan fast. We particularly commend our Muslim members who participated in the Ramadan fast and observed the protocols of COVID-19 prevention to the letter.

We also align ourselves with the directive that the eid prayers should be performed at home and in small numbers to avoid the spreading of Coronavirus, which at this point has no known cure. Even as we pray, we must imbibe all laid down guidelines for the prevention of the transmission of COVID-19 such as social distancing, wearing of face masks, washing of hands, use of sanitizers and upholding of environmental and personal hygiene.

In our supplications to Almighty Allah, we should pray for His sustained and everlasting mercy, love and healing from this deadly disease. We should also pray for the unity, peace and prosperity of the world. We should understand that the world has become a global village and tolerating global diversities is no longer an option. We should also pray for leaders to remain focused and see leadership as a call for service.

In this very difficult time, we should celebrate with caution and reason, without forgetting that life has no duplicate. The more conscious we are on the preventive measures of COVID-19, the safer and healthier we become. If we cannot adorn new clothes and explore pleasure spots in this year’s eid celebration, it should not worry us, for our lives count above all things. If we are alive, there will be hope to explore and celebrate more eids in grander and safer styles.

Our faiths shall justify and set us free.

Happy Eid El Fitri

Chief Dr Adeshola Giwa
International President
De Norsemen Kclub International

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