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De Norsemen kclub inc is a responsive organisation of responsible men duly registered with Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) RC7458 Under the extant laws of Nigeria and foreign countries we domicile.

We are active and key players in National and global issues tailored towards the improved relationship between man and his environment.

Our activism endeared so many since we can be very resolute when we are confronted with the need to defend the defenceless and the oppressed.

We are aware that, the masses fancy our efforts and contribution in this herculean task knowing that most oppressors are very wealthy with large contacts.

However, we have been able to defeat such personalities easily since our membership is drawn from sound professionals with passion for service to humanity.

Any non member who wish to show solidarity with what we do must demonstrate high level of discipline, be law abiding and must have a face.

And such activities will be within the ambient of the laws of the land.
Any aspiring member to DE NORSEMEN KCLUB INC should be aware that there is no shortcuts to our membership.

  • 1. You must be a graduate with good grades.
  • 2. You must not have any criminal records.
  • 3. You must have a traceable source of livelihood.
  • 4. You must not be associated with things frowned against by the laws of the land.
  • Our activities are majorly in the boardroom unless when there is a need to express our position on issue with public awareness through symposium and solidarity match.
    And when the above is necessary, all law enforcement outfits with the statutory power to provide clearance and security is put on the know.

    We deem it necessary to explain this because, some gullible enthusiast are being taken advantage of on daily bases.

    It is a common knowledge that any product with high turnover is prone to adulteration. Any outfit that is highly sort after is also exposed to the danger of being faked by fraudsters.

    Consequently, members of the public are warned against having dealings with persons extraneous to DE NORSEMEN KCLUB INCOORPORATED and what we do.
    We also surely assure you of our resolve to reduce if not totally eliminate the possibility of criminals nibbling on our sound record to defraud unsuspecting and intended qualified members.
    Our patent right over our symbols, logo, insignia and other distinct property is one of the ways.
    The risk of impersonation of the organisation is getting higher by the day and we are hopeful stiffer in the shortest time.
    Our legal team drawn from a minimum of one lawyer per Patrol headed by the National legal adviser of the organisation have been unleashed and on the prowl to exercise and demonstrate the quality of the stuff the organisation is made of.
    Please forward all your enquiries to the address above.
    We are Norsemen! we serve humanity!
    Darlington Anugom
    Director Media and communication DNKI

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