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Says its criminal to owe workers

The International President of De Norsemen Kclub Incorporated, DNKI, Chief Dr Adeshola Giwa, has stated that Governors who fail to pay the salaries and allowances of workers as at when due are committing crimes against God and humanity.

He made this known while interacting with some workers to mark the 2019 Workers’ Day Celebration, upon his return from the United Arab Emirates where De Norsemen Kclub Incorporated held her 2019 first quarter International Converge from 22nd to 28th April, 2019.

“According to the bible, every worker deserves their wages. It is, therefore, criminal, inhuman and ungodly to owe workers. It is an inexplicable social injustice. I cannot understand why workers will spend their time and energy to work and will not be paid as at when due. This is unjustifiable and entirely unacceptable”, he said.

Chief Dr Giwa opined that the resurgence in criminal activities across the states of the Federation may not be unconnected to the hopelessness and forlornness of workers who are owed backlog of salaries spanning up to thirty months in some states.

“Let us understand one thing. Man has certain basic needs thrust upon him by nature. These basic needs must be met whichever way. People engage in legitimate work to satisfy these needs. If they are not paid after working, how will they satisfy these natural needs? The only option is to resort to crimes such as kidnapping, human trafficking, drug peddling, bribery and corruption, directly or indirectly.” He added.

Dr Giwa emphasized the need for the Governors to think of ways of creating wealth to pay the salaries and allowances of workers who toil daily to drive the machinery of the state.

“The Governors must look inwards and reinvent themselves. They must cut the cost of governance, save money and pay salaries. They must jettison lavish, flamboyant and meaningless lifestyles inherent in the fleet of cars they use and the retinue of aides at their beck and call. These are controllable wastes that can save workers from the doldrums of despondency,” he stated.

Dr Adeshola Giwa, however, asserted that all hope was not lost as he was sure that the thirty-six states of the Federation have the capacity to pay salaries at the right time if proper things were done.

“After critically assessing and evaluating the human and material resource deposits across the states of the Federation, De Norsemen Kclub Incorporated has unequivocally come to the conclusion that every State has the capacity to pay the salaries of their workforce.

“We, as a global humanitarian organization with presence in the thirty-six States of the country and major countries of the world, have a coterie of world class exceptional and nonpareil professionals and technocrats who are willing and ready to partner with states to design and implement modern techniques that can unlock hidden potentials and treasures to amass huge revenue that cannot only help them to pay salaries but contribute to the infrastructural development of the states without depending on the statutory federal allocations.” He concluded.

He congratulated workers on this year’s May Day Celebration and commended them for their perseverance, doggedness and hardwork in driving the wheel of the state. He assured them that De Norsemen Kclub Incorporated was in solidarity with them at every point in time.

Isidore Agughasi
Director, Mass Media, DNKI.


Okechukwu Anugom
Director, Communications, DNKI.

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