De Norsemen Kclub is a duly registered organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 1990. It has its headquarters in Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State of Nigeria where it was formed. Its membership is an exclusive higher institution for adult male graduates called “Norsemen” with verifiable means of livelihood and with no racial, ethnic, tribal and religious considerations. Norsemen are professionals with proven integrity in their diverse fields of endeavor. They exist in all the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria and even overseas like other countries of Africa and in countries of Europe, America, Asia, etc.

De Norsemen Kclub is organized into chapters and subdivisions of these chapters called “patrols” and “flotillas” respectively in the norsical parlance. These patrols represent the state and FCT chapters in Nigeria and the chapters overseas while the flotillas represent the subdivisions of the chapters of this organization in wherever it exists. As a registered organization and thus as required by law, it has a Board of Trustees (BOT) that is headed by a chairman. The BOT exists as the custodian of the property of the organization. At the international level, it has an executive council headed by the International President. This council is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the local and international aspects of the entire organization and this includes overseeing the various patrols which have Guv’nors (Sailing Skippers) as their heads and flotillas which have Pilots as their heads. De Norsemen Kclub operates an advisory system in which it has Norsemen Advisory Council (NAC) formerly known as Supreme Norsemen Council (SNC) at the international level and Elders’ Council (Patrol Advisory Council) at the patrol level. There is also the Sailyn Council that functions as an electoral college for the purposes of electing members of the international executive council and members of the BOT as at when due.

The philosophy of De Norsemen Kclub is embedded basically in its commitment to the fight against injustice which the less privileged usually suffer in the society. Norsemen believe in God, the brotherhood of man, love and of course justice. Its motto is ‘Duty is Duty’ better expressed as ‘Service to Humanity’ for better understanding by the general public. Its motto (Service to Humanity) is serving as the watchword for Norsemen in protecting the less privileged against the injustice of any sort. Its purpose is to unite all people despite their tribes, tongue, religion and contribute towards the development of man in the society. It specifically aims to:

  1. assist/encourage the underprivileged and vulnerable in the society
  2. engage in activities that will promote and encourage responsible national development.
  3. initiate/participate in programmes and activities organized by government and other agencies to support the development of young people, underprivileged and the oppressed, etc.
  4. organize programmes that will enhance societal awareness on the plight of young people
  5. co-operate with other organizations with similar aims in reinforcing its own aims.

This organization strives to personify and encourage three ideals

  1. acquisition and dissemination of information and knowledge through scholarship
  2. application of professional skills and the fostering of leadership qualities by promoting and advancing the welfare of humanity
  3. fostering of non-discriminatory fellowship within its membership.
    De Norsemen Kclub has a symbol expressed in its logo as two crossed axes which signify the instrument of fighting injustice and oppression and the crown on top of these two crossed axes represents victory; the ship embedded in the middle of the logo symbolizes the unity of purpose and brotherliness. Its colors are black, red and white which represent originality, consciousness, and purity respectively which Norsemen stand to uphold.

Service to Humanity
Wherever Norsemen exist and in whichever capacity, they uphold their motto of ‘Service to Humanity’. Over the years, this organization has made several charity visits to the less privileged across the length and breadth of Nigeria and even abroad. In the area of health, De Norsemen Kclub has contributed in the aspect of creating awareness and provision of aids in ensuring a healthy society and even lending helping hand in the prevention and management of certain life-threatening diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, etc. in the world over. In also trying to boost healthy lifestyle and preserving the Nigerian natural environment, Norsemen have voluntarily engaged in clean-up exercises in the country. De Norsemen Kclub through its project called “Project K9” has been able to make a mark in the prison decongestion exercise that is aimed at decongesting the overcrowded prisons in Nigeria and grant freedom to inmates that have overstayed in these prisons not because they are guilty of their charges, but because of the slow pace of dispensation of justice in the country. “National Mandate” which is owned by this organization has also contributed its own fair share in ensuring that elections are free, fair and credible in Nigeria. De Norsemen Kclub at various levels have organized public lectures, seminars, fora, programmes that have touched on the different areas of human existence and this has contributed immensely in the development of the security, health, social, political, economic spheres of the countries Norsemen have engaged in such activities.